Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're Having a ............

Baby Boy!
Aaron and I found out yesterday that we are having a precious baby boy. We were so overwhelmed with excitement that both of us were crying and shaking with joy. The doctor said that everything looked great. All of his major organs looked strong and healthy and we were able to count ten fingers and ten toes. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't he have the most beautiful shape head and nose you've ever seen!!!!!
He's Beautiful!!

After our doctor's visit, Aaron and I went to Target and got a cute outfit that said "100% Baby Boy" and placed it in a white bag. We then had my family open the gift together to reveal the news! They were so surprised. They just knew it was a girl. This was a big day at the Davis house. Lots of planning to do!

This is Aaron and I in the doctor's office right after we found out. Proud parents of a baby boy.