Monday, May 10, 2010

Aiden in BlueBonnets!

A couple of weeks ago I took Aiden down to Ennis to get some pictures of him in the bluebonnets. My mom has several pictures of my brother and I in bluebonnets so I wanted to get some with Aiden. Of course, he wouldn't stand still for two seconds. These pictures are my attempt at getting some. He wouldn't sit in them or stand in them. All he wanted to do is run after my aunt's dog. I must have taken 50 pictures and they all pretty much looked like this. There are a couple of good ones with his hands in the air. :)


The Genella Family said...

Love these pictures!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! I am so glad you are doing well and back on the blog!! Take care!! Miss you to pieces!!--L

Allison Alecu said...

I have several memories of being made to pose in the bluebonnets when I was young...it must be something us Texas kids have to go through! :) I'm so glad you're updating your blog, you look beautiful and Aiden is so precious! :)